Who is Advanced Mycology

Our mission at Advanced Mycology is to make the incredible power of mushrooms accessible to significantly more people.

Our North Star is a devotion to 3 principles:

Efficiency, Quality, and Simplicity.

This path led us to The Shrüm™ All-In-One Grow Bag.

Our team at Advanced Mycology are focused on doing all the hard work necessary to make this process as easy as possible for you. It has never been this simple.

Growing cubensis mushrooms is both significantly more difficult, and significantly easier, than growing plants.

Mycology is mostly a sterility game. Sterility is warfare against a microscopic enemy you can’t see.

To put this challenge into perspective, here’s an insane stat.

All the fungi around the planet produce 150 million tons of new spores each year; enough to cover every square millimeter of Earth with a million spores. Each year. Right now you are covered in billions of spores.

NASA has been able to reactivate spores exposed to the extreme cold vacuum of space. Spores can survive extreme heat, even high-temperature autoclave sterilizers. Spores are everywhere, and resilient as all hell.

It only takes a few mold spores (or bacteria endospores) to ruin your mushroom grow. The fundamental conflict in growing cubensis mushrooms is to keep a path open for fresh air, while closed to aggressive competing mold and bacteria.

Our solution: The Shrüm™ Grow Kit.

The bag is your fortress, against bacteria and mold. The substrate is optimized for cubensis mushrooms. And the filter strips allow heavier CO2 to escape, giving Oxygen breathing mushrooms more fresh air. We even include a mylar storage bag with a dry pack to store your dried mushrooms. You have everything you need but your spores (or liquid culture), and a dehydrator. 

This product has been in development for nearly 2 years. We couldn’t be more proud and excited to release our baby into the world. 

This is a historic moment. 
Our ambitions are high.
There is more to come.
Stay tuned.