Wholesale Case – LC – 10 units


Wholesale Case – ShrümTM  LC – 10 units

This is liquid culture, not spores. Each syringe is 12mL, and suggested retail is $30 each.

This is a pack of 10. If you purchase this with a 12-pack wholesale case of V2 bags, we’ll include the matching number of syringes.

This is a variety pack that will include a mix of some of our best varieties, chosen for their performance in our bags –

Every pack includes Albino Burma & PE7 & Steel Magnolia (proven performers with plenty of inventory), but we also mix & match a couple of others based on availability, including White Golden Teacher, White Jedi Mind Fuck, Thrasher, and Albino Penis Envy.

If you reference preferred numbers of this list in the customer notes section at checkout, you can build your own variety pack, otherwise we’ll include a mix of our best producing! AB, P7, SM, WGT, WJMF, TH, APE.




Variety Pack, Custom, AB, APE, P7, SM, THR, WGT, WJMF